• New Beginnings Pamper Package ~ Beauty Fitness
  • New Beginnings Pamper Package ~ Beauty Fitness
  • New Beginnings Pamper Package ~ Beauty Fitness
  • New Beginnings Pamper Package ~ Beauty Fitness
  • New Beginnings Pamper Package ~ Beauty Fitness
  • New Beginnings Pamper Package ~ Beauty Fitness
  • New Beginnings Pamper Package ~ Beauty Fitness
  • New Beginnings Pamper Package ~ Beauty Fitness


New Beginnings Pamper Package ~ Beauty Fitness

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Monday (18 Feb - 8 Apr 2019) - Early Bird Price


As we welcome the emergence of new beginnings and boundless possibilities …
Our ‘Essence of Beauty ~ Pamper Package’ course aligns to embrace the foundations of wellness, rejuvenation & beauty
Femininity . Passion . Play . Warrior . Love . Nature . Wisdom . Serenity

~ Essence of Beauty ~

New beginnings, is the foundation pathway to captivating the essence of your beauty! Embarking on a journey of self-discovery, allows us to delight in the beauty of who we are and rediscover our own charming uniqueness. From the emergence of a fresh start comes an introspection that translates into a reawakened self-love.  And so the enchanting adventure begins ...

From ancient times to modern day, the sacred essence of a woman is to bloom in all her grace and alluring magnificence.  It is time for your beautiful self to trust in the magic of all that you are - your perfections and imperfections! Celebrate and cherish your authenticity.  Create new rituals that rekindle your heart and soul.  Light your pathway with the whimsical glow of fireflies, be a little more you and a lot less them.  Our ‘pamper’ course embodies the elements of ethereal beauty and rejuvenation.

Essence of Beauty ~ Pamper Package Course Dates
Monday's at 6.45 pm - 9.00 pm (18 February to 8 April 2019)

Location ~ Dance 24Seven Studio, 12 Kawakawa Place, NorthWest, Auckland

Essence of Beauty ~ Pamper Package
Our 8 week 'Essence of Beauty ~ Pamper Package' is a bespoke, all encompassing ‘immersive experience’!  Each session is quintessentially infused with one of the 8 Essences of Beauty; 
Femininity, Passion, Play, Warrior, Love, Nature, Wisdom and Serenity

Package Includes
~ 8 x Essence of Beauty Immersion Classes ~
~ Beauty Fitness - Movement & Flow Workouts ~
~ Beauty Nourishment & Wellness Steps ~
~ Botanical Beauty Elixir & Cuisine Tasters & Recipes ~
~ Self-Care Beauty Apothecary & Ancient Beauty Rituals ~
~ Beautiful Living Rituals for Self-Discovery ~
~ Beautiful Companionship & the Ancient Tradition of Sisterhood ~
~ 8 x Beautiful ‘Essence of Beauty’ e-Books ~
~ Gorgeous ‘Beautiful You - Pamper Gift’ (worth $100) ~
~ PLUS 2 Yoga Class Passes (worth $30) ~

Your ‘Beautiful You ~ Pamper Gift’ includes a gorgeous chic couture accessory, our signature crystal eye pillow, a beautiful self-discovery journal, a beauty apothecary gift, beauty cushion, and a jute bag.

Essence of Beauty ~ Immersion Classes
Our classes are thoughtfully created to inspire you to fall in love with your own beauty, to create a zest for life, feel feminine, pampered, and nurture your gorgeousness!  A class that goes beyond day to day wellbeing, adding a little bit of magic and whimsical enchantment to your week.  Empowering you to embrace your own unique, beautiful essence and feel the support and connection with other gorgeous like-minded woman!  Elevate everyday life and redefine your future with how to feel and look fabulous.

~ Beauty Fitness - Move & Flow Workouts ~ 
Our Beauty Fitness - Move & Flow workouts are choreographed to take tender loving care of your body.  Each class encompasses movement and flow that reinvigorates and revitalises your beautiful body, your myofasica, organs and lymphatic system.  Movement that not only improves fitness, strength and vitality; it also generates freedom, flexibility and vibrancy.  A uniquely curated workout style, formulated to mindfully reconnect with your unique and beautiful essence.

~ Beauty Nourishment ~ 
Understand how to be free of the “diet” mantra once and for all!  We want you to fall in love with cuisine that’s delicious as it is slimming!  Discover the simple nutrition secrets to vibrant health and glowing skin! Re-igniting your gorgeousness with easy-to-do, step-by-step guidelines that reflect beautiful results! Each week learn how to effectively nourish yourself with healthy nutrition steps.  REAL steps that don't feel overwhelming, mildly challenging on occasion and yet simple enough to implement on a weekly basis.

~ Beauty Botanical Cuisine & Elixirs ~ 
Enjoy sample tasters of delicious plant-based cuisine, beauty elixir mocktails or goddess herbal teas and nourishing treats at the end of each class in our relaxing studio picnic. From beautiful breakfasts, satisfying snacks, luscious lunches, delicious dinners, decadent dolce to fasting cuisine.

~ Beauty Apothecary & Self-Care Rituals ~ 
Indulge in self-care pampering beauty rituals that freshen and rejuvenate your skin and body.  Our sessions include elements of self-care and ancient beauty regimes. Enjoy our beauty pamper, aromatherapy and apothecary recipes to try at home.

~ Beautiful Living Rituals ~ 
Create meaningful rituals that allow you to embrace the essence of everyday living.  Feel the enchantment of the world around you; the softness of the wind blowing in your hair, the tingling of raindrops on your skin, the illuminating delight from the glimmer of crystals on the ocean’s surface, the twinkling sparkle of the stars on a clear night sky, the aroma of beautiful flowers on a spring day, the soothing nature of trees, and the wildness of the outdoors - mother nature’s captivating creations.  Write, draw, play, relax or simply be cosy. All these beautiful living rituals add depth that stimulate your senses and establish a sense of feeling delightfully alive! Our beauty pamper package includes bespoke rituals to open your senses, to explore, to feel, to immerse and absorb the magic around you!

~ Beautiful Companionship ~
This course wouldn’t be as amazing as it is without the beautiful women like yourself who partake in this special gathering.  Every session, we conclude our class by embracing the ancient tradition of sisterhood.  We sit together, enjoying the company of like-minded women.  We chat, we laugh, we discover and share our thoughts while savouring a beauty mocktail elixir or goddess herbal tea and botanical beauty treat.

Philocast (n) ~ a lover of beauty;  someone who finds and appreciates beauty in all things.


Essence of Beauty Class Dates:
ates: 18 February - 8 April 2019
Day & Time: Monday at 6.45 pm - 9.00 pm
Course Length: 8 x Essence of Beauty Immersion Classes

Essence of Beauty Class Outline:
6.45 pm - 6.55 pm - Beauty Hot Aroma Pamper Towels & Spa Water
6.55 pm - 7.00 pm - Outline of Class
7.00 pm - 8.10 pm - Beauty Fitness: Move & Flow Workout
8.10 pm - 8.20 pm - Beauty Apothecary & Self-Care Pamper Rituals
8.20 pm - 8.40 pm - Beauty Botanical Cuisine & Elixir Tasting
8.40 pm - 9.00 pm - Beautiful Living Rituals & Companionship

$399 (early bird price, full payment due by 15th of January 2019)
$450 (full price 16 Jan - 31 Jan 2019)

Dance 24/7 Studio, 12 Kawakawa Place, NorthWest, Auckland
Straight off North Side Drive, Westgate

What You Will Need:
Water bottle, a towel and a yoga mat. 

What to Wear:
Dress - to workout! You can wear any type of fitness clothes; leggings/tights, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts anything you feel beautiful in, comfortable in and something that feels easy to move in!  We believe you should dress to feel inspired, gorgeous and beautiful! 

Footwear - we usually do our movement flows barefoot - to retrain the sensory function, muscle and fascia in your feet. However, if you feel more comfortable wearing shoes then we recommend you use shoes that offer good support, stability and cushion your movements. Avoid shoes with deep treads because they restrict your movement. Shoes that have a smooth sole are best.

Class Philosophy:
Our classes are non competitive, and non judgemental allowing you the space and comfort to listen to your body by working at a pace that feels comfortable to you!


Beautiful ~ Movement & Flow

Improve your fitness through the feminine beauty of dance. Dancing is an enjoyable way to exercise and move with benefits that are incredibly rejuvenating for your body's health. Improve your coordination, energy levels, muscle tone and posture along with increased body awareness. The steps are simple to master and before you know it, you will have learnt the basics to many beautiful dance routines.  Dancing is a wonderful way to feel joy and lightness!

Beautiful ~ Strength & Tone
Beauty Fitness focuses on sculpting beautiful long, lean muscles by embracing toning and resistance exercises from ballet-inspired movement.  Using elements of barre fitness you will learn to isolate muscle groups which becomes effective in body sculpting and developing the elegance, grace and finesse of ballerinas.

Beautiful ~ Flexibility & Suppleness
Movement flows are infused with elements of yoga, fascia releasing, and stretching.  This unique blended fusion results in full body suppleness, flexibility,  tone, strength, improved breathing, emotional release, and even energy revitalization. Incorporating certain yoga movements can also assist in gently massaging the body and help to purify organ functions. Various postures, poses and movement sequences apply varying degrees of pressure to our internal organs. This in turn, gently but powerfully stimulates these organs to detoxify and heal. Our internal organs are the foundation of our health, controlling everything from digestion to detoxification ... absolutely necessary for internal and outer beauty.

Beautiful ~ Center & Core
Centered Physically ~ All movement radiates outward from your center. The center refers to the abdomen, lower back and pelvis. It is often called the “core”. Our bodies generate movement and power from within our core. It is also the source of stability and support for every kind of movement we make.  When the core is strong, the frame of the body is supported. Strong deep core abdominal muscles are the key to not only having a flat stomach but for also preventing injuries to the back and knees!  Our Beauty Fitness classes incorporate this fundamental backbone to each movement flow created. Our focus is to teach you safe ways to develop a strong, centered core.

Centered in Everyday Life ~ relates to remaining mentally calm, collected and balanced in the midst of our often chaotic lives. This applies to our physical activity as well. Learning to work from your core can help you to act in a more centered way. If you are connected to your physical center, you are going to feel strong, powerful and calm.  You are less likely to feel overwhelmed or out of control.  Blended into each Beauty Fitness flow are components of emotional restoration and centeredness.  We want you to leave the class feeling centered and calm ~ bringing you back to your true essence!

Beautiful ~ Poise & Posture
Emphasis throughout our Beauty Fitness class is on good spinal, pelvic and shoulder alignment. It supports beautiful posture and allows you to move with ease and grace.  We want to help you age gracefully with elegance and poise!

Beauty ~ Wrinkle Lift ~ Glowing Skin ~ Anti-aging
Strengthening and relaxing your facial muscles with a few simple exercises can result in some serious anti-ageing benefits! Look younger and healthier by giving your face a natural face lift through special facial exercises! As we age our skin loses some of its elasticity and our facial muscles loses some of its tone. Not only do facial exercises help to reduce a double chin and lift sagging eyes, they also encourage your skin to produce some of its natural oils to rejuvenate it.

Exercise is a great deterrent of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Exercise supports the production of collagen, a protein that is the support structure of our skin. When you exercise, you strengthen and tone the muscles beneath the skin, making the skin look healthier. The stronger your muscles are, the more support the skin will have and the firmer and more elastic the skin will look.

Achieve glowing skin also through regular exercise, this improves the health of the skin by improving blood circulation to the skin surface. It helps to supply essential nutrients to the skin. Aerobic exercise makes you sweat and promotes the removal of toxins through perspiration. Working out tones the skin, improves blood circulation and oxygenation to the skin and so imparts a healthy glow.

Beautiful ~ Flow & Breath
Focusing on the breath improves oxygen intake and circulation of oxygenated blood to every part of the body. This improves your body's ability to cleanse, invigorate and detoxify - perfect beauty enhancers! Deep relaxed breathing starts to reduce cortisol and stress levels - key factors in successful weight loss and vibrant health!

Beautiful - Rest & Rejuvenation
Our class concludes with restorative elements that help you to release tension in your muscles and spine along with reducing the effects of stress. Activating your parasympathetic nervous system is a fundamental element in helping your body to rest and recover; making it less vulnerable to stress-related illness! Reducing your adrenal stress is the best solution to achieve weight loss and glowing health!  


Rachel specialises in movement alchemy, dance fitness, yoga, botanical beauty nutrition and cuisine, beauty apothecary and lifestyle makeovers.

She is a university qualified (BSc-Sport Science) fitness-sports trainer with over 20 years experience.  Her skills and background range from dance fitness, yoga, pilates to training elite athletes and injury rehabilation.  She is also a certified 200 RYT Vinyasa Yoga teacher.

The beauty and elegance of dance captivated her interest from a young age.  In her teenage years her dance fascination turned to Latin dancing.  She competed and placed first in NZ's first ever Salsa and Lambada competition.  It was from here that her dancing career turned professional; dancing for Latin Fever Dance Productions and performing live dance shows in her early twenties.  Later she taught Zumba classes as she loved the incorporation of latin dance into fitness.

Her quest to always be learning and expanding her knowledge of movement lead her to train in the realm of yoga. The addition of vinyasa yoga is the perfect compliment to her love of movement and its ability to create personal transformation.  With a continual passion to explore movement, she is always discovering and incorporating new ways for the body to feel fabulous and free!

She believes movement is a beautiful way of expressing oneself and provides a wonderful solution to suppleness, strength, freedom and centeredness.

"With my love for movement, dance, fitness, beauty and wellness - my Beauty Fitness classes were borne.  I had a deep desire to create a bespoke workout regime that embodies and restores inner and outer beauty.  My unfounded passion lies in empowering women to embrace their gorgeousness!"


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