Rachel specialises in movement alchemy and body poetry, dance fitness, yoga, botanical beauty nutrition and cuisine, beauty apothecary and chic lifestyle makeovers.

She is a university qualified (BSc-Sport Science) fitness-sports trainer with over 20 years experience.  Her skills and background range from dance fitness, yoga, pilates to training elite athletes and injury rehabilation.  She is also a certified 200 RYT Vinyasa Yoga teacher.

The beauty and elegance of dance captivated her interest from a young age.  In her teenage years her dance fascination turned to Latin dancing.  She competed and placed first in NZ's first ever Salsa and Lambada competition.  It was from here that her dancing career turned professional; dancing for Latin Fever Dance Productions and performing live dance shows in her early twenties.  Later she taught Zumba classes as she loved the incorporation of latin dance into fitness.  The addition of vinyasa yoga is the perfect compliment to her love for movement and it's ability to create personal transformation.

She believes movement is a beautiful way of expressing oneself and provides a wonderful solution to suppleness, strength and centeredness.

"With my love for movement, dance, fitness, beauty and wellness - my Beauty Fitness classes were borne.  I have a deep desire to create a bespoke workout regime that embodies and restores inner and outer beauty.  My unfounded passion lies in empowering women to embrace their gorgeousness!"

My Personal Journey

My personal health journey like most individuals is probably not too disimiliar to what’s commonly experienced by many people today. From a young age I suffered with ill-health, extreme tiredness, frequent colds, flus and terrible asthma. Later in my teenage years you can add severe depression to that list. I experienced debilitating chronic fatigue and auto-immune issues alongside the depression throughout most of my early adulthood. None of these are fun and NONE of these allow you to live a life with true passion! I didn’t feel gorgeous, I didn’t love myself, and I certainly didn’t have any remote quality of life and vibrant health.

There comes a time in your life when you stop in your tracks and say ENOUGH! I don’t want to live like this anymore! I want amazing health! I want to do things like normal people do! I want to go out and enjoy a coffee with my friends without feeling like I’m falling asleep in the cafe. I just wanted to have energy!  I truly wanted to feel happy, healthy and have abundant energy!

And that was that! From that point on I was now on a search for answers that could change my circumstances! It’s been a 20 year journey of learning, experiencing, failing, picking up the pieces till long-lasting positive results were found and experienced. I don’t feel I will ever stop learning as we are always growing and scientific research is always evolving. This journey has taken me to amazing countries, seeing how other people from different lifestyles feed and nourish themselves, how they live and embrace life. It’s taken years of studying at university along with working there, researching, exploring, studying anything I could get my hands on! It’s taken me going to special wellness retreats, going to specialized hospitals and not to mention spending thousands of dollars to find my answers!

The answers slowly came as I peeled back the layers of what had been holding me in back poor health and misery all these years - I finally arrived at a turning point. Days of energy, days without depression, days of amazing health to where I now feel I live a vibrant happy beautiful life with my darling husband and precious son! Life is pretty great now and full of amazing moments.

Today, I am a lover of all things beautiful! Reading books in my favourite cafes, spending time with my family, laughing with my friends, making and sharing delicious plant-based meals, teaching my beauty fitness classes, relaxing in my cosy boutique home, in awe of the magnificence of nature, travelling to my favourite countries, exploring everything, going on adventures, wearing anything that has BLING, surrounding my life with boutique chicness, and simply closing my eyes and taking a moment to breath in sunshine!

My wish now? Is for you to have all those things - vibrant health, boundless energy, radiant glowing vitality and most of all, to truly feel and be the gorgeous beautiful person that you are!

Luscious Living has been born out of a desire to fill a need that I saw missing in our society of overloaded information and overwhelmed women! In fact so overwhelmed that it’s confusing where to even start! Heck I was confused on where to start 20 years ago! All I wanted back then was someone to show me small simple manageable steps to makeover my health, improve my energy, and help me feel amazing and passionate about life!

My personal message to you ...

BEAUTY EXISTS ALREADY WITHIN YOU! I believe you already are a beautiful gorgeous person! Maybe you haven’t been treating yourself that way lately but that doesn’t mean underneath the layers of self-loathing or excessive bodyfat you wish wasn’t there, isn’t this gorgeous vivacious loving person! With a little guidance you can start peeling away those layers and allow your beauty to shine! Through personal experience I can share with you that it is possible to feel well, radiant, energized and have the GLOW! All my programs were designed out of my desire to inspire and nourish you re-kindle your gorgeousness - my personal gift to you! 

Rach xx

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